A key initiative for Fintech in Greece and developing economies.

With a focus on enhancing Fintech entrepreneurship, the financing of innovative businesses in the sector, linking Fintech to research carried out at universities and research centres, fostering awareness of and networking with key networks and initiatives abroad, we have designed a number of actions:
• Financing through Fundraising meetups
• Networking with the biggest fintech ecosystems & financial institutions worldwide
• Working in tandem with the European Crowd Dialogue initiative.
• Keeping people up to date through monthly Fintech Talks (1st Thursday of every month from September onwards 5pm EET)
• Hosting of special Fintech Workshops for the creative industries and tourism.
Six key Greek bodies are taking part in an initiative aiming at showcasing the fintech landscape in Greece: National Bank of Greece together with Endeavor Greece, the Onassis Foundation, the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, and the Athens University of Economics & Business. And together with these institutions, the European Crowd Dialog initiative.

Fintech Talks – Next Event: Thursday 7th of April at 17:00 EET 

With our greatest pleasure, we announce our sixth event, on Thursday 7th of April at 17:00 EET. This month we are going to discuss FinTech and the European Commission.


Peter Kerstens: Advisor for technological innovation, digital transformation, and cybersecurity at the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Financial Services.
Mr. Kerstens will go through how Europe (and EU in particular) as a whole are doing in terms of fintech innovation and roll out into actual/viable/successful businesses and activities and also how policy and regulation seek to support or control this, drawing also doing some contrast and compare with the US and China.

Dimitris Psarrakis, Head of EU & Financial Strategy at XReg Consulting.
Mr. Psarrakis will go through scaling up a fintech startup and the best practices in Europe and elsewhere.

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